Events and Classes

We aren't your average Kitchen!

Here in Preemption, Illinois, we may be a small town, but we have a lot to offer! The Healthy 2 Wholesome Kitchen is a place where you can come to enjoy some awesome food, but it's also a place where you can come to learn, have fun and experience something exciting!

Our mission is to help our friends and family learn more about food - whether that's how to prepare it in ways they never thought of or how the nutritional value changes depending on how it's grown/raised. You will enjoy learning when it's fun and exciting! We want you to enjoy being in the kitchen and feel privileged to have the ability to cook meals for you or your family!

Here are some ways to join us!

  • Freezer Meal Classes - these are events that we host in our very own commercial kitchen. A group of 10 or so guests join us to prepare "freezer meals". These four serving meals are prepared using mostly raw ingredients. They are usually in one bag that you can easily store in the freezer. When you have a busy schedule and little time to plan dinner, pull these out the day before and follow the simple instructions that come with the meal - usually it's as simple as dumping the ingredients into a crock pot or casserole dish to cook.

Alyssa (the owner) will be having her baby sometime in October, so we are taking a break from these classes.

We are hoping to have them available again after the holidays!

  • Farm 2 Table Dinners - an experience all on it's own! During the spring, summer and fall, once a month, we host a very special dinner on our back patio that overlooks our lawn and crop fields. With our kitchen being located on the edge of our small town, it's a quite and peaceful place to relax. Here, you'll enjoy a four course dinner using local and organic ingredients prepared by Chef Alyssa and her awesome crew!