Why choose

Healthy 2 Wholesome?

Are some nights a struggle to get dinner on the table, whether that struggle in the lack of time, energy, or availability?

Do you feel uninspired by what’s in your fridge/pantry? Or maybe there’s “nothing” in your fridge/pantry because you dread going to the grocery store. What about making time to go to the grocery store? I have experienced all of those issues and I'm so excited to help you get through those undesirable times!

My name is Alyssa and I can't wait to share these delicious made-from-scratch meals; using real healthy ingredients for you and your family.

Our kitchen in the small town of Preemption, Illinois is excited to serve you delicious and healthy food! We strive to use healthier ingredients - which may have a different meaning to you than it does to me.

So, let me tell you about our ingredients!

One of the most exciting components to our meals is our local and responsibly raised animal proteins (chicken, beef, pork and eggs). We source these from farms that we've actually visited and actually worked at in our past. We know that these animals are given access to the most nutrient dense food possible - this is important because we are what our food eats! These animals are also raised outside on open pasture where they have the ability to move around as they please, enjoy the fresh air and sun, and live like animals should - on pasture!

We are proud to source our Grass Fed and Finished Beef & Pasture Raised Organic Eggs from Grateful Graze, out of Cambridge, Illinois and our Pasture Raised Organic Chicken and Pork from Graze N Grow Farms from Sheffield, Illinois. Both of these farms have your best interest in mind when they raise these animals. Check them out on your favorite social media platform.

Secondly, we use real, raw and simple ingredients. NO pre-made soups, sauces or spice mixes! We make everything from the "ranch" seasoning to the enchilada sauce from scratch. This allows you to still enjoy your favorite dishes, while avoiding all the added gunk that you often find to preserve and enhance today's popular foods.

Lastly, we know that many of you have food sensitivities or allergies, so we LOVE to offer gluten free, dairy free and even vegan options! Ingredients like casava flour, coconut aminos and avocado oil fill our pantry and give us the amazing flavor you're looking for - all while serving your dietary needs.

We hope you enjoy these healthy to wholesome meals that we prepare for you.

Come visit our store front this spring to purchase some locally grown/made supplies and some delicious food!